Harrison Phelps & Tom McGain – 50 Club Games

Uni-Norths Owls would like to congratulate two great clubmen for their contributions on the field. Harrison Phelps and Tom McGain both reach 50 club games this weekend. We look forward to cheering them on in their matches. A few words from their team mates. 

After 4 years of rugby the biggest man on the field has finally hit the 50 game milestone for the mighty Owls. Since joining back in 2020, Phelpsy has made himself an asset for any grade routinely breaking tackles and using his wrong shoulder chopping someone double his size. Holding down the wing/fullback position for most of his career, Phelpsy runs harder than his 60kg frame should let him, accompanied with his knowledge of the game and attacking smarts it has been an absolute pleasure to not only watch, but play with him throughout his career. Off the field Phelps is just as much of a legend, always keen to grab a beer or two after a game. Go well out there today mate, looking forward to cracking a beer with you and discussing when you'll get around to beating me in a goanna wrestle."

Saving lives during the week, a true man-killer on the weekend. Dr Thomas McGain celebrates his 50th game for the mighty Uni North Owls this weekend, after only a short 5 years at the club. From his knock-about beginnings in the North Shore, to his time becoming a staple at the barn, Tom's been a passionate team player and a leader for all things rugby and pretty much any other sport that crossed his path- just ask him about his batting average. Always the first to rock up and the last to leave (the RUC), he's become an unmistakable presence at the club, both on and off the field. Between his time spent on the physio table and at the pub, he's managed to squeeze in a few games of football, where he has consistently impressed with his precision, finesse and ability to play above his weight. We know this will continue for the next 50 games. Get around him and cheer him on this weekend. He'll break your ankles then charge you for the X ray. To a gentleman, a great mate and the second best looking doctor at the club. Congratulations and good luck

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