HOOT HOOT  to everyone who has ever been involved in Uni Norths OWLS, Uni Rugby, Norths or the Killer Bees !

Were you a player? A coach? A volunteer or a supporter cheering for any of these fantastic clubs? It’s time to show that you are a MEMBER of Parliament – the Parliament of OWLS that is !!

The roots of our club(s) started in 1938, and both Norths and University clubs are foundation clubs of ACT Rugby.

We are now over 85 years of age, and we’ve had 1000s of men and women don the Blue and White (ANU & Universities clubs), the Myrtle Green (Norths Club), the Gold & Red (UC Killer Bees) and the now combined colours of the Mighty OWLS!

Over the years we have had varying degrees of success but always with the same amount of passion and vigour. The friendships we forged and the memories we created last a lifetime. However as time passes it seems to become increasingly harder for us to make the time to see old faces and to catch up at the rugby despite club attempts to host successful former player events.

Therefore we have created a non-playing membership to build an enduring community revolving around everyone’s passion for rugby and our club.

Parliament is the collective noun for OWLS (as in “I am a Member of the Parliament of OWLS”) and a collective is what we’re striving to be. Let’s make ANU North Oval a seething nest of support where all MPs venture to support the current players.

If you no longer live in Canberra becoming an MP will be a great boost to the club and you will aways be welcome when you fly in or return for good. For those local MPs, we look forward to seeing you all when you come to watch the Owls.

A modest annual membership fee will go a long way to providing the club with the infrastructure to allow us to compete on the field and for the continued growth of our great club.

Our goal is to attract a non-playing membership of 1000 former & current players & supporters. Will you help us reach our goal and continue to the success of this great club?

Membership Benefits

Your Investment in the Owls

$120 per year

$10 per month

Our Community

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