50 Caps| Congratulations Craig McKillop & Josh Carroll-Fajarda


We’d like to congratulate Craig McKillop & Josh Carroll-Fajarda on reaching caps for Uni-Norths Owls.

You can get to know these players a little more by heading to their player profiles here:

Huge congrats to JCF for reaching a milestone I suspect he may have surpassed some time ago. He is a wonderfully ridiculous human, a first rate mate, and a template Owl for others to follow. Made from a sticky combination of swagger and shenanigans, JCF is the bloke to enjoy a festive night with. He’s the guy you want defending your tryline and no-one looks more argumentative when there isn’t much space to work with and the gainline is insight. Well done Frenchy, keep making it look good, and cannot wait to see you play many many more.
– Rob Krauss

A massive congratulations to one of the best looking blokes to don the owls jersey. It has been a long journey for Craig to reach 50 games but no player is more deserving. A skillful big man best known for his tear away running style and no nosense defence. Craig has played and captained nearly ever grade in the club and is one of the best blokes on and off the field. Good luck this weekend, love ya mate.

– Tom Mulquiney
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