A Day In Union is a grass-roots movement established in 2021 to celebrate rugby union.  It’s a day for people to come together and share everything they love about rugby, using the hashtag #ADayInUnion.

A Day In Union was founded by community rugby people with the aim of strengthening the rugby community and helping people reconnect to the game and have fun.  Originally started in Australia, #ADayInUnion is now celebrated around the world.  Our logo reflects the idea of the various parts of the rugby community – players, coaches, supporters, officials, parents, everyone – coming together as one.


“A Day In Union is about building stronger connections in the rugby community and across people around the world.”  

How can you get involved in #ADAYINUNION?

Early on Saturday 6 April, share something you love about rugby with your community with the hashtag #ADayInUnion – it can be anything: a favourite rugby memory, a thanks to a volunteer, a shot of your team playing that day. Anything you love about rugby.

For more information about this iniatiative you can visit https://www.adayinunion.com/

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