Building for New Heights: Uni-Norths Owls Performance Squad Rugby Camp 2024


Jindabyne, a picturesque town in the heart of the Snowy Mountains, was the backdrop for the Uni-Norths Owls’ 2024 preseason camp. Hosted by the Bungarra Alpine Centre and coordinated by head coach Lachlan Creighton and team manager Matt Kay, this camp aimed to shape the physical skills, mental resilience, and team cohesion of our Performance Squad.

At the core of this camp was the commitment to building mental fitness, enhancing team connection, and fostering endurance psychology. Spearheading these efforts was Dave King of DK Mental Fitness (@dk_mentalfitness), a renowned Mental Performance Coach and Endurance Athlete with extensive experience working with elite rugby teams including the Wallaroos and ACT Brumbies Super W Teams. Dave’s dedication to the players, staff and the overarching vision of the Owls was evident from the outset, and his ability to inspire and motivate the group was truly impressive.

The support provided by Bungarra Alpine Centre was instrumental in ensuring the camp’s success. With its stunning natural surroundings, the Centre provided the perfect environment for the Owls to train and prepare as a team. From comfortable accommodations to prepared meals, each detail was taken care of, allowing the players to focus on their development over the few days of the camp.

This year's preseason camp was an unforgettable experience that I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to attend. Before going I honestly had no idea what was going to lay ahead for us boys, but all I could prepare for was a physical challenge. Heading into camp thinking we were going to get flogged physically wasn't exactly off the mark but there was no way to predict the mental battle that was to come. The skills DK taught us for mental strength helped me push way further physically than I thought I could and had us boys working together seamlessly as one. I left camp indebted to the team who organised and ran it and fizzing for the season ahead.

The camp itinerary was crafted to maximise players’ potential on and off the field. From intensive training sessions to team-building workshops, every aspect was designed to physically, mentally, and emotionally challenge the players. Through workouts and strategic exercises, the Owls honed their skills and forged a few special bonds.

One of the highlights of the camp was the focus on endurance psychology. Dave King’s expertise in this area proved invaluable as he guided the players through mental conditioning techniques aimed at pushing past limits and overcoming obstacles with resilience and determination. Whether it was visualising success or practising mindfulness techniques, the Owls learned first-hand the power of a strong mind in achieving peak performance.

As the camp drew to a close, the sense of mateship among the Owls was evident. Through some challenging training exercises and more than a few laughs, there’s indeed a connection within the group on and off the field. With a renewed sense of purpose and bonds, the Owls feel more ready to soar to new heights for the 2024 season. #hoothot #owlenvironment


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