Congratulations | 50 Club Games Jock Sinclair

Congratulations | 50 Club Games Jock Sinclair

We’d like to congratulate another great club man Jock Sinclair on reaching the milestone of playing 50 club games for the Owls. We look forward to helping him celebrate as we cheer on his 3rd grade side against the Eagles in their Minor Semi Final for First Division 1st Grade.

The man, the myth, the moustache today hits game 50 for the mighty Owls. Jock has been a staple of the Owls ever since giving up naked runs down Hereford street in Bathurst (where he is fondly known as “cocktail shrimp”) and hitting the big bright lights of Canberra, leading the charge both on and off the field (but not during warm ups).

A utility in the true sense of the word, Jock is able to plug in to any position of the backline, bringing consistent defence and attacking smarts every time he hits the field. Never one to shy away from a run up Mount Ainslie, or the front door of mooseheads at 4am, Jock’s endurance is the stuff of legend, just don’t ever let him talk you in to coming on a “light pre season jog”.

The goanna wrestling champion, Manly’s biggest fan and a great mate. Go hard out there today Jocko, looking forward to cracking a beer with you after getting this finals run off to a great start!

Words by Angus Thompson

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