Owls Abroad

Owls Chris Mickelson and Zion Going are playing in the Major League Rugby (MLR), San Diego vs Utah.

Things that warm our hearts…

Chris and Zion are two impressive young men who began their careers together, wearing the Owls Juniors Jersey, before graduating to the Owls Senior ranks, most recently in Season 2023.

Zion is in his 2nd year with Utah Warriors and Chris commencing the first of two years with the San Diego Legion. We’re unbelievably proud of what they’ve done and will continue to follow their rugby progress. We’ll be watching on in anticipation of our Owls performing abroad.

With the length of the MLR Season, we’re hoping we don’t get to welcome back Zion and Chris as it will mean they’ve had successful seasons with their clubs and playing finals.

If not, they’ll be welcome home with open arms #hoothoot #owlenvironment

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