Player Milestones | Rob Krauss

Kraussy 450 games:

Rob (yes, he does have a first name!) “Kraussy” Krauss has literally been playing at this club for longer than a good portion of current playing crop have been alive. After being recruited by Branches back in 1995, back when it was still ANU, he has proven his unwavering loyalty and commitment to the Owls and brings up the major milestone of playing 450 games for the club.

Kraussy’s love of the game is unmatched, and he’s always there to lend a hand, an ear or a sambuca shot. He is an amazing clubman, making sure players feel welcome and included. He encompasses the true spirit of rugby. His dedication to lifting the team is unmatched – if you haven’t had the pleasure of an under-the-posts or halftime chat from Kraussy, you’re missing a core Owls experience. Or alternatively, if you are keen to understand why 2-4-2 is the best structure there is, just ask him! Kraussy is the embodiment of playing for recreation and proof positive that it can be done for as long as you care to do so (or for as long as Pat Kirk is willing to keep putting you back together, whichever works!).

Congratulations my love, we could not be prouder xxx

Words by Stacey Krauss

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