100 Caps | Congratulations Lachlan Fryer


Uni-Norths Owls would like to congratulate Lachlan Fryer on reaching his 100th club game. We thank him for his commitment to the club with a few words from his teammate Rob Krauss to mark the occasion:

Tuck’s hundredth has been 13 years in the making because when he isn’t busy being the best one of the best props in the business, he is busy serving his country. Given his profession, his courage, loyalty, humility, kindness and rat cunning is no surprise, but he deploys all those traits on gameday to be the clever, tough and skillful team mate we know and love. One of the strongest pound for pound i know, he is my brother from another mother, my komobro and a partner in way too many sambucca related crimes. Congrats on your hundo Tuck and thanks for all you do behind the scenes to make the Owls what it is.

Words and collage by Rob Krauss

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