50 Club Games | Congratulations Ben Dalton, Shane Mass & Daniel Slater

50 Club Games | Congratulations Ben Dalton, Shane Mass & Daniel Slater

In Round 15 we celebrate the 50th club game having been played by three valued members of our club. We’d like to congratulate Shane Mass, Ben Dalton & Daniel Slater on reaching this important milestone.

We’ve asked a few team mates to share a few words

Ben Dalton or Dalts as we call him, came down in 2021 alongside a few other blokes from Sydney! Not knowing each other, the bond that was formed in the colts team of 2022 will never be forgotten.

Dalts, a naturally quiet bloke (unless he’s had half a beer) has not only become the father of the ‘Charnwood House’ but a cornerstone in the Owls community and the Brumbies System, particularly playing consistent runners over the last couple years. Attributed to his relentless and consistent hard work that is not only inspiring  but eye opening to what it takes to not only compete but dominate at the top level. 50 club games is no small feat, and a lot of those games were played at the top level for Owls.

This season has been an eye opener to the ability that you posses on (and particularly off) the field, throwing dummies, scoring countless tries and rocking into home at devious early hours of the morning, just to be the one to get up first, and to get us to recovery on a Sunday morning at 9am (thanks crito).

Proud of you mate! Enjoy the game on the weekend

hane started by playing a few seasons for owls in his junior years, then when he moved to Canberra there was no question on which club he would join, but he didn’t know he would find a family. Having played second row in colts and then given the opportunities to play first and second grade and grow as a player( despite that meaning he has now played flanker) and as a person. A loving and strong individual who puts everything he has into every game and always offers to give more, I couldn’t be prouder of him.

Go well and have some fun this weekend 🦉 happy 50th

Dan “Slats’ Slater started at the Owls as a bright eyed bushy tailed Uni student in 2012. Throughout his time at the Owls he has always tried to cement himself as a goal kicking back, though in his recent years after returning from a rugby hiatus, the numbers on his back have slowly been getting smaller. He still doesn’t understand what to do in a ruck, but he runs hard and has a great fend. He is most well-known vodka squashes, craft beer “nothing under 6% thanks”, and being the only bloke to kick the ball into the uprights more than between them.
Fun fact: there is a plaque in the Australian hotel in Cooma remembering the day they did not lose, but rather drew a game in the 2019 season due to such an event.A great competitor, terrible dancer and a long-time friend I am very thankful to be able to spend time on the field with him this weekend celebrating a milestone which, given the year he started, is long over-due. I’m sure your love of the game will drive you to meet the next mile stone a lot sooner.  Great work mate and Congratulations!

You can follow the players in action today with Upcoming Fixtures featured below. Wishing all our players a great game for Round 15.

Don’t forget #OWLENVIRONMENT – we would love to see your photos!

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