Vale| Mike “Chopper” Whitelaw

Vale| Mike “Chopper” Whitelaw

The network “drums “ have  been working to let people know that former Norths Rugby identity Mike (Chopper) Whitelaw died on 9 January 2022 aged 80 after suffering a massive stroke  some two  weeks  earlier.  Mike’s  funeral was held on 24/1/22 on the Gold Coast with the former Northie Reverend  Rex Marre officiating.

Chopper was a very notable member of  the Norths Rugby Community in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Patron & Life Member, Ross Walker,  has produced an excellent eulogy and you can read it and relish it  at the following link Canberra Reflections on the Life and Times of Mike (Chopper) Whitelaw PSM

Ross provides the following comments . In the setting up of this Eulogy post I have asked that  2 articles be posted. The first article is the actual Eulogy itself entitled  Canberra Reflections on the Life and Times of Mike (Chopper) Whitelaw PSM .  Because of its length, the Whitelaw Family decided to print it as  a multi-page Booklet and hand  it out at the service. I have had nothing but praise for the Eulogy from anyone who has read it. For example the Reverend  Rex Marre (who officiated at the funeral) says of it:  “Thank you for this wonderfully comprehensive and entertaining document . “and the former Sports Editor of the Canberra News , who  eventually became  Editor  of the Gold Coast Bulletin ,Bob Gordon enthuses  “

Well  done. Better than that…Magnificently well done.  It captures the man and the golden years we spent with  him in the Northies.

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