ANU Gym Access

As part of Owls Rugby’s efforts to provide greater support to our players, the Committee is pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with ANU Sport for our players to access a dedicated gym on the ANU campus. The arrangement with ANU Sport provides Owl’s players with access to a gym on level 3 of the ANU Fitness Centre.

The gym on level 3 is not for use by the general public and is for the benefit of clubs affiliated with the ANU. It will complement the current gym access we have at Mitchell. To access the level 3 gym, you will need to be a registered Owl’s Rugby player and pay $50 to obtain an electronic fob which will provide you with access to the gym (essentially membership will be less than $1 a week!).

If you have any questions about the arrangements to access the gym please chat to Owls President, Dave Luchetti (0411 021 135).