Congratulations | 50 Club Games Meilani Salale & Josh Reiss

Congratulations | 50 Club Games Meilani Salale & Josh Reiss

In our final home game of the season, we celebrate two special milestones. Club captain, Meilani Salale celebrates 50 club games and Josh Reiss will today notch up his 50th 1st-grade game. For both players, we send our congratulations. Please see below for a few words from their teammates to mark the occasion

Meilani “Lightning Bolt” “Lani” (never Mel) Salale made her debut for the best club ever in 2018. In her teens, she was a powerful rower/And1 baller but took her talents to the 15-aside game following in the footsteps of her dad Salale Salale who graced North Oval back in the 70s and 80s.

Since her arrival, Lani has made this club her home. Despite tearing her ACL in her Owls debut and again in 2021, that didn’t stop her from returning to the game. One of our current Club Captains and the boss of our XVs side, Lani has developed into a true leader who is highly respected and extremely committed to the club. Ignoring the side-eyes from her strict Samoan parents, she even branded her ankle in tribute to the owls.

She’s a class rugby player who always leads from the front but she’s an even better teammate, friend and silly sunday companion and we so proud of her and the mark she’s made at Uni-North Owls.

Congratulations on the 50 my sis. Put a hit on today hoot hoot 🫶🏾

Words by Tania Naden

Today we congratulate the notorious Joshua Andrew Reis on finally reaching 50 first grade caps after 6 long hard years of arduous effort. Josh is one of the senior players at the club now having played first grade ever since he was 18. He’s overcome a plethora of setbacks. Concussions, shoulder reconstructions, thumb injuries, ankle injuries just to name a few. To his credit, Josh has never changed the way he place. He approaches everything a hundred mile an hour, putting his head where most people wouldn’t put their feet. His most notable attributes are his dedication and commitment to this club over so many years. He wears the jersey with pride and honour every time he has taken the field. At the rip old age of 24 we would like to quickly congratulate Josh, before his body falls apart, on a remarkable achievement by wishing him all the best and the most successful future at this club.

Words by Lucas Thomson

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