Uni-Norths Owls Presentation Night | Celebrating Excellence in Club Rugby

Uni-Norths Owls Presentation Night | Celebrating Excellence in Club Rugby

The Uni-Norths Owls Rugby Club came together on a memorable evening in 2023 to celebrate their achievements, honour outstanding players and individuals, and reflect on another successful rugby season. The club’s Presentation Night, meticulously organised and executed, showcased the true spirit of club rugby and the camaraderie that defines the Owls. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of this unforgettable night.

Setting the Stage

The evening began with the meticulous setup of the presentation room at The Rex Hotel. Our organisers ensured that everything was in place to create the perfect atmosphere for the event. As guests arrived, volunteers were stationed at the door to greet them and ensure a smooth check-in process.

The official proceedings started with an opening video that set the tone for the night. The entire Owls family was welcomed by club captains, Lani and Andrew, who introduced the Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the evening, Richo.

Honoring Club Captains

Before enjoying a great meal, the club captains, Meilani Salale and Andrew Whittle, were acknowledged and recognised for their leadership and dedication to the club.

Supporter of the Year

The “Axelsen Family Award – Supporter of the Year” was presented to the Maddinson Family. This award celebrated individuals who consistently demonstrated unwavering support for the club from the sidelines.

Recognition for 3rd Grade

The 3rd Grade Medal Presentation honoured the premiership side, with medals presented by club president Dave Luchetti. This gesture highlighted the club’s commitment to acknowledging excellence at all levels.

Apprentice Trophy

The “Apprentice Trophy,” awarded to an outstanding 1st-year player who contributed both on and off the field, was presented to Marcus Burrell, Lachlan Conyers, Emily Carroll, and Lizzie Butt (Miller St Household).

First-Year Excellence:

Both male and female players were recognized for their exceptional contributions. Hussein Khadr received the “Best First Year Male” award, while Charlie Brigstocke received the “Best First Year Female” award.

Scoring Sensations

The highest try scorer, Charlie Brigstocke, and the highest point scorer, Charlie Crozier, were celebrated for their remarkable achievements during the season.

Club Games Milestones

Players reaching milestones in their club and 1st-grade games were acknowledged. Tom Hannan, Meilani Salale, Jock Sinclair, and others were honoured for their dedication to the club.

Awards Break and Resumption

After a short break, the proceedings resumed with a series of awards recognising outstanding performances in various categories.

Player’s Player and Best & Fairest Awards:

The awards in different grades celebrated players who received the most player’s player votes and those who accumulated the highest number of 3, 2, 1 votes, as chosen by the coaches.

5th Grade

PP – Callum Booth
B&F – Jake Francisco 

Women’s 10’s

PP/ B&F – Lily Delbridge

4th Grade

PP & B&F – Michael Bijorac

3rd Grade

PP & B&F – Tom McGain


PP & B&F – Harvey Cordukes

2nd Grade

PP – Andrea Sitiveni Tikomainiusadi
B&F – Declan Tancred

Women’s 1st XV 

Lydia Ratu Kavoa

1st Grade

Ben Dalton

Team of the Year

The coveted “Team of the Year” was announced, with the selected players being honoured for their consistently outstanding performances throughout the season. Click here to view.

Brodburger Players of the Round

Throughout the season, exceptional players were acknowledged for their contributions in various rounds, each standing tall on this special night. Click here to view.

Representative Players

Owls players who represented at various levels, including the Brumbies, Wallabies, and City North Men, were recognised for their remarkable achievements.


Billy Pollard, Charlie Cale, Cadeyrn Neville, Rhys Van Nek, Allan Alaalatoa, Ollie Sapsford, Jack Debreczeni

Super W

Siokapesi Palu, Tania Naden, Iris Verebalavu, Lydia Kavoa, Jess Grant, Emerina Marsh, Maggie Mcconnachie


Billy Pollard, Cadeyrn Neville, Allan Alaalatoa


Siokapesi Palu, Tania Naden

City North Men

Chris Mickelson, Sam Mickelson, Ben Dalton, Josh Reis, Issy Vaili, Angus Blackmore, Siave Seti

City South Men

Polynesia Crichton, Lachie Creighton & Nick Jones (Coaches) Matt Kay, Josh Collins, Sanga Yoon, Josh Eastburn, Costa Psihogios (Staff)

City Women

Emily Carroll, Iris Verebalavu, Jess Grant, Maddie Gogala, Maggie Mcconnachie, Charlie Brigstocke, Holly George, Ziggy Balmaks (Coach) Katy Balmaks (Manager)

Brumbies U19

Cameron Johns, Harvey Cordukes, Toby Macpherson, Lachie Creighton (Asst Coach)

ACT Rugby Awards Acknowledgment

The Owls took a moment to acknowledge Phil Doyle’s induction into the ACT Rugby Hall of Fame and celebrated several players named in the John I Dent Team of the Year.

Outstanding Coaches and Managers

The “Ron Hayes Shield for Most Outstanding Coach/Managers” recognized the invaluable contributions of the coaching and managing staff in growing the game of rugby at the Owls.

Matty Kay & Josh Collins
Joel Garbutt
Ziggy Balmaks & Katy Balmaks
Chris Linden & Jas Lincoln

Most Improved Players

Ethan O’Keeffe (Male) and Liv Fenwicke (Female) received accolades for their remarkable improvements during the year.

Spirit of Rugby

Shane Mass was recognized with the prestigious “Spirit of Rugby” award for exemplifying the spirit and values of the game both on and off the field.

Clubperson of the Year

The Deon Norval Clubperson of the Year award was presented to the Kay Family for their exceptional service and dedication to the club.

The Owls’ Owl

Josh Reis was honoured with “The Owls’ Owl” award, a testament to his contribution to the club as recognised by his peers.

Vikki Fischer and Laurie Fisher Medals

Lydia Ratu Kavoa received the Vikki Fischer Medal, while Ben Dalton claimed the Laurie Fisher Medal for receiving the most 3, 2, 1 votes throughout the grades.

The evening concluded with heartfelt thanks from the MC. Guests slowly departed, reflecting on a night filled with camaraderie, celebration, and recognition. The 2023 Uni-Norths Owls Presentation Night was more than just an awards ceremony; it celebrated rugby excellence and the unwavering spirit of a club that continues to soar to greater heights.

Uni-Norths Owls would like to extend its thanks to the organising committee for the presentation night, particularly Heather Whittle, without whose efforts would not have made the evening the success that it was. images=”66732,66731,66733,66745,66734,66735,66736,66737,66739,66738,66740,66741,66742,66744,66743,66730,66746,66747,66748″ img_size=”full”

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