Milestones | Charlie Crozier & Matt Noonan

Uni-Norths Owls would like to congratulate two great clubmen on their milestone achievements today. Welcome to the ’50’ club Charlie Crozier & Matt Noonan.

Charlie “worm” Crozier, a true statement that this man hasn’t missed a game since he has started playing at owls. A true clubman many would consider, enjoying all of the benefits of on and off field commitments. Well done on the 50 look forward to watching another 50!

Noods turns 50. Fantastic milestone for Spud but given how much he puts in every game it kind of feels like his games should count for double. A staunch defender, eager scrummager and so good with the cheeky offload you’d think a stint in the centers will be a feature of his next 50 matches. Against all odds, somehow Noods has amazing chat, which I am reliably informed is appreciated by the ladies of Canberra. Damn grateful to play footy with Noods. A good bloke and passionate Owl, congrats mate.

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