Uni-Norths welcomes the Tongan High Commissioner

ni-Norths welcomes the Tongan High Commissioner

There was a great crowd highlighted by the attendance of Her Royal Highness, Princess Angelika Tuku’aho, the Tongan High Commissioner, ANU Vice-Chancellor Brian Schmidt and ACT Senator David Pocock.

There were  many positive comments from the day, with a few highlights below.
A message from Richie Allan, Ngunnawal Elder  on Saturday night after we told him first grade won, good money was raised and thanked him for his great Welcome to Country.  He came back with the following.
“…That is awesome  Thanks for sharing and great to hear good money was raised  That is what we all need more of, sharing the love to help everyone. Thank everyone for the welcome…”

“…All the ANU old boys were excited and commented on how much they enjoyed themselves. Importantly they were incredibly positive about the vibe around the club. They loved the fact that the club song was sung in front of them (thanks Lani) and the contact they had with the players.”

“…It was also noted that the first graders helped with packing up the ground.”

In a conversation between Laurie Fisher, Phil Doyle and John Fely back at the RUC it was noted,
“…today was a great day for the club and Canberra rugby.”

“…I had a number of comments that it was the best day people have ever had at North Oval…”

Some great media coverage to date, check it out at the following links.  There was also an article in Sunday’s Canberra Times.

Brett McKay – ABC:  20220709 Tonga Fundraiser.mp4

RiotACT:  https://the-riotact.com/canberra-rugby-union-club-fundraises-for-tongan-village-destroyed-by-tsunami/574384

The Tongan community is so very thankful for our efforts, during the week it was observed,

“… back in February we came to Peter (Branches) to see if the club could donate some basics like sanitiser, etc, to send back to Kanokupolu… we just couldn’t imagine the support we’ve received”

Lastly, a very big THANK YOU to  all the volunteers for your work before, during and after Saturday. I know Saturdays are busy enough with supporting the running of 8 rugby games, so the added complexities of the fundraiser and reunion luncheon on top, meant it was full on! 

Everyone’s commitment, enthusiasm, and willingness to help made it a really memorable day and one the Owls family should be really proud – plus beating the undefeated Royals in 1st grade really made the day!

With all 8 teams in the top 4 (including 4ths on top of the ladder) we will use the positive momentum from Saturday to boost our great Owls through to the finals !


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